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Utah Paranormal Investigation & Research

Have you ever wondered when you went to a haunted attraction, are all these actors real? Or maybe you felt like there was someone following you, maybe even watching you.

Or maybe you were to caught up in the action to think about it or notice the subtle signs. Maybe they were right behind you and you didn't know it.

Is there a possibility that the energy thrown off by the frightened invite spirits who in turn use that energy to manifest themselves? And how long might these spirits remain after the Halloween season?

U.P.E.R. members have wondered about the chances of that happening and decided to explore the possibilities. On October 31, 2000 U.P.E.R. approached the Dark Domain after they had closed for the season and interviewed staff and owners and found that during the season some strange things had happened that were not readily explained, such as lights going on and off and noises coming from places where there was no one. Actors in period costume that no one recognized. We found this intriguing and asked if we might come back the next Halloween and conduct an investigation and were granted permission.

On October 31, 2001 after the Dark Domain had closed three members of the U.P.E.R. team went in and spent almost 2 hours exploring and recording. We came away with positive results and asked if we could continue to investigate through out the following year and again permission was granted.

As of September there have been a total of 15 separate investigations of Dead Haven formerly known as
The Dark Domain
and a pattern was found and theories started to take shape.
The further away from Halloween the instances of paranormal activity became fewer and farther between, and when an open investigation was held in January of 2001 activity picked up briefly and then waned again. In July a group of about 20 people were brought in and the activity jumped again and remained active as the owners prepared for a new season.
A woman's voice has been heard along with banging and other noises from unoccupied rooms as well as shadows with human forms gliding through the halls and a man following one of the owners down a corridor.

What will this Halloween bring?
Utah Paranormal Exploration & Research
will be there taking pictures and filming to see what activity we might be able to document. We are very excited about this opportunity for ourselves and the general public. It is a wonderful chance to document paranormal events occurring during a public gathering and will hopefully give credence to the theory that energy given off by people in times of stress does attract and allow spirits to manifest and interact with us in our environment.

We are also thrilled to be able to assist in gathering donations for The Ogden Rescue Mission.
In October winter will be upon us and Christmas right around the corner and to help make the season a little brighter and warmer for those less fortunate we would graciously ask that you bring canned goods, clothing and your spare change to help the Ogden Rescue Mission.

Have a safe and happy Halloween season
from the members of U.P.E.R.